Tech is the Emerging Trend in Fashion Week

Like leather, floral prints, and bright colors, ‘democratization’ is fashion industry’s new hot trend and the strong driving force of the new growth is internet. The prominent designers at this year’s fashion week events, held at Paris, Milan, and New York, made it clear by holding digital runways available not just to the selected fashion geeks, but for the public. The real time video recording of models on the catwalk shows and designers who work behind the scene can be now watched online.

During NYFW, acclaimed designer Diane Von added new accessory, Google’s Project Glass to release her video made entirely out of Google Glass footage. The fashion team had worn spectacles all around her fashion show, recording what they were seeing.

The democratization has gone further than simply broadcasting the events, but the newer trend set by social media networks shows which of the collections are hits and which of them fall flat. In the same way, content from Instagram and bloggers is just as prevalent as paperwork written by professional photographers and magazine editors. The post published on blogs can be as influential as other magazine editors. Moreover, the companies are using latest technology and data analytics to forecast trends, instead of depending only on words from fashion critics.

This new trend has been on hold from long time and there are lots of reasons behind why the fashion industry is seeking towards the cutting edge of technology. First of all, designers want to keep up the tight control and status of their brand. Every minute detailing has been carefully chosen, from shade of lipstick to footwear.

Earlier, the fashion shows were accessible only to the elite, but now the industry has been slowly steeping, accepting new forms of coverage. Initially, it was predicated that fashion or style is very hard to replicate online, but the availability of loads of website fashion portals, social media, and live streaming made it reachable to public than before.

This year at NYFW, Evenup, a startup company, helped many designers to plan their shows and posted an infographic, showing the graphical representation of the fashion week evolution. Media companies, like KCD and IMG are developing digital shows, while media outlets, like Wall Street Journal and New York Times providing live stream recording of fashion events. EDITD, a big data company analyzes the amount of traffic surrounding trends or designers, while Whispr Group helps designers to take benefit of their social medial intelligence service.

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